Our Policies

Cancellation Policy-

To ensure that your pets get the care and time they deserve we do not overbook. Therefore, once you have booked our services we may have to turn away business in order to accommodate your schedule.

  • Cancellations made less than 4 days before departure date payment is due in full (this is for vacation, overnight & live-in care).
  • Cancellations for holiday services need to be done no less than 7 days before departure date or payment is due in full. We do not charge extra for holiday visits and those days fill up more than two months in advance so keeping those schedules are important to us. Holidays include: New Years Eve & Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day.
  • Scheduled vacation, overnight & live-in care cut short while in progress, payment for scheduled care will not be refunded.
  • Cancellations for daily walks need to be received by 9pm the day before scheduled walk is to occur.

House Key Policy-

We will collect a key at the initial consultation. A key is requested in addition to a keyless entry method (i.g., garage door opener, code to garage key pad) in case a power outage occurs while away from a clients' home. We also suggest that the client allow us to keep their key in our secured lock box for future pet sitting needs. If the key needs to be returned it can be dropped back off for a charge of $15.00 or mailed by certified mail for $5.00 fee. We can also lock the key in the house upon our final departure, however we do not recommend this in case an unforeseen emergency arrives before you can get home to your beloved pets.

Payment Policy-

Payment is due on or before the first scheduled pet service visit. If paying by cash or check please give the payment at the initial consult or it will need to be left at clients home to receive at the first scheduled pet service visit. We do accept credit cards; however, we do use the "square" credit card reader so the processing fee will be charged to the client. The fee is 2.75% of service price for cards that are present and can be swiped. The fee is 3.5% of the service price for credit cards that are entered manually. These fees are determined by "square".

Vaccination Policy-

Clients understand that by leaving their pets in our care that they represent that their pets are properly vaccinated and are in good health. Clients agree to keep their pets current on ALL vet recommended vaccinations as long as we are providing pet care services. Clients further acknowledge that any tendency or history by their pets towards straying, biting, fighting, destructive behavior, or property damage has been fully disclosed to us.